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Mini Championship Ė Dogs in Need, Friday 19th August 2005

I was delighted to accept the invitation to judge the Mini Championship class at  Dogs in Need.

We were fortunate enough to get both the qualifying rounds completed in fine weather but unfortunately the rain arrived as we started the final.  Despite the miserable conditions, the final was still an exiting and closely fought contest.

Jumping Round

I set a technical pattern which required a good degree of skill for the handlers to negotiate with their dogs.   As with any course, some handlers got it absolutely right, others got round by the skin of their teeth and a few were eliminated. 

Well done to the winner: Lu Candy-Carter with her super little spaniel Cafe Creme at Wildcap; runner up Mandy-Sue Sarti with Tear Around Tilly and third placed Miranda Frankham with Chandling Idiots Charger. 

Agility Round

For this round I set a flowing pattern with handling points set at strategic points on the course.  The course could be negotiated at speed and much of the skill would be in handlers going for a good time but keeping contacts intact.

Well done to the winner: Hannah Mitchell and her poodle Shanandi HitíníRun, a lovely dog and certainly one to watch out for; runner up Angela Sallis with Oliver, always an exciting pair to judge and third placed Mandy-Sue Sarti with Tear Around Tilly.


As mentioned, the rain started just as we were about to start the final but it didnít stop us from having an exciting conclusion to the event.   The course was set at a slightly more technical level than the previous one but was still a flowing course which allowed the dogs to open up and really get moving.  It was good to have a commentary on the event which always makes things more exciting.

We had ten dogs in the final, exactly 50% of the entry, which was very pleasing as this was something I had been anxious about as there were only twenty competitors in the class to begin with.

All the handlers gave it their best shot and there were some brilliant rounds for me to judge.  As usual Angela Sallis gave it her best and finished runner up with Oliver and fourth placed with Zeta, Rachel Mowbray put in a smashing round with her border terrier Laurelton Winter Nutmeg and achieved third position.   Last to run was Mandy-Sue Sarti who had achieved second and third placings in the two heats, she put in a faultless round with Tear Around Tilly to take first place and the mini championship ticket.  Not a bad morningís competition for that partnership!

I was very impressed by the standard and had a very enjoyable morning judging this class.

Thank you again to Dogs in Need for asking me to judge, thanks to the superb ring party and thanks to Genesis for sponsoring the whole event.

Andy Hudson

August 2005