Dogs In Need Agility Society

DINAS 2019 Show will be held on Aug 12th - 18th
at the Suffolk Showground, Trinity Park, Felixstowe Rd. Ipswich. IP3 8UH

Junior Training

Junior training is on again this year 2016 more information is on their own facebook page  

Selena Bray is organising YKC junior training this years instructors incldue.
Selena Bray, Lee Gibson, Jenny and Chole Machon, Laura Chudleigh, Natasha Wise, Matthew Goodliffe, Anthony Clarke, Dawn Weaver, Dan Shaw, David Munnings and Lucy Osborne 
Only at Dogs In Need has all these top handlers and trainers in one place at one time! So you could be trained by these multiple Champions.
Don’t Miss Out!

But you will need to book early to avoid disappointment as places will be at a premium and will soon sell out and once there’ve gone.

Cost is £3 per session

How to Book and For Further Information
Registration forms will be available soon.

Any further information you can contact Selena Bray by emailing or phone 07594 536134

2016 Training information will be released soon



Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
How many training sessions can I book for each dog?
No limit really but we really want to ensure that as many individuals as possible benefit from this unique experience so preference will be given to individuals first rather than one person making a block booking as such.
Can I work more than one dog in the same training session for the hour?
The honest answer is that we rather you didn’t so you concentrate on one dog at a time and don’t hold the class up whilst you swop dogs over etc.
Can I split the lesson between two dogs?
No – work one dog per session
Can I just pay on the day?
Only if we don’t fill all the places before the show so it’s a bit risky to wait and then be disappointed.
Can I pay cash at a show before DINAS?
We would rather not handle cash to be honest as it’s prone to getting lost and a nightmare to account for! Remember all proceeds go to the charities so it’s far easier to account for in advance if paid for by cheque. 
Can my friends/family watch?
Yes – more than welcome to watch but no joining in!
What class do I enter if the dog I work is Grade 7 but I am starting out?
You would enter Grade 1&2 as you are the inexperienced one! See below.
Dog Grade Handler Grade Session
Grade 6 - 7 Grade 6 - 7 6 – 7
Grade 3 - 5 Grade 3 - 5 3 - 5
Grade 1 - 2 Grade 1 – 2 1 – 2
Grade 6 – 7 Grade 3 – 5 3 – 5
Grade 6 – 7 Grade 1 – 2 3 – 5
Grade 3 – 5 Grade 6 – 7 3 – 5
Grade 3 – 5 Grade 1 – 2 3 - 5
Grade 1 – 2 Grade 6 – 7 1 - 2
Grade 1 – 2 Grade 3 – 5 1 – 2
Can my parents/usual trainer help to train me during the session?
No – like any training day the instructor will be doing the training for all in the class
Can I use the equipment which I need to concentrate on rather than join in the actual training session?
No – to ensure safety to all, we need people to use the equipment when instructed to do so. Please see the training form and ensure you add any issues to that for the instructor to concentrate on within the class.
 What do I do if I have paid and then cannot attend the session?
Sorry - no refunds  the accountancy is a nightmare and we may not be able to resell the space.
Sorry no refunds as above.
Can I enter a dog which is not booked into the show?
No, the dog has to be entered in the show whether as NFC or for competition.
Can my puppy have a go?
Only if over 18 months and as above is entered at the show to compete or Not for Competition (NFC).
 If I cannot attend can I sell or give my space to someone else?
Yes – BUT and it’s an important BUT - if this is agreed with us in advance and the change is a like for like change with handler ability and dog grade. Someone not on the list turning up stating that they were replacing someone else without our knowledge even if payment had been made will not be allowed to train. So they will come after you for their money back!

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